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Usage Guide

PDF Dilution & Usage Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with any new product you may start using, always check for allergic reactions prior to full use.

BATHING - Use 1 capful (1/2 oz) of Soap (Moisturizing Soap if you have dry skin)plus 1 capful (1/2 ounce of Neutralizer liquid in bathwater. Pour Soap right under faucet to get soap suds. Bathe for 30 minutes (but no more than an hour) 3x per week. (i.e. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
BODY ODOR - Bathe with Miracle II Soap and spray Neutralizer liquid or apply Neutralizer gel.
BRUSHING TEETH - Spray Neutralizer liquid in mouth 4 or 5 sprays, swish around mouth then expectorate. Apply Neutralizer gel on toothbrush and brush.

CLEANING LAUNDRY - Use 1 oz of Miracle II Soap, for stains, pre-soak as you normally do.

CLEAN MINOR CUTS, AND SCRATCHES - Wash area with Miracle II Soap and then spray area with Miracle II Neutralizer liquid and then use the Neutralizer gel to keep it clean.
CARPET STAINS - Spray stain with Miracle II Neutralizer liquid. Apply few drops of Miracle II Soap over stain. Pull stain out with edge of glass or use the edge of a cardboard.

FACIAL TREATMENT - Use Miracle II Neutralizer gel every night over face, and then the Miracle II Skin Moisturizer. You may go to bed with it on your face, it won't stain the bedding.

ORAL USE - Take 7 drops of Neutralizer liquid(approx. one teaspoon) in 8 ounces of water, or juice in the AM before or after breakfast. If necessary, you may increase weekly from 1 teaspoon to 1 ounce of Neutralizer liquid daily.

PLANTS - Add 1/4 ounce (1/2 Tablespoon) Neutralizer to 1/4 oz Soap to 31oz of water in a 32 oz spray bottle. Attention: Do not use Soap by itself, it may harm the plants.

SETTING GEL - Use the Miracle II Neutralizer gel as a setting mousse after shampooing and/or combing hair.
SHAMPOOING - Attention women! Miracle II Soap may take hair coloring out of your hair and may restore your natural hair color.
SHAVING - Add 1 or 2 drops of Miracle II Soap on hands, rub in hands and apply to face for extra lather.
SHOWERING - Use a dime's worth of Soap on a wash cloth, enough for your whole body. Let foam stay on skin a little longer the first two or three bathing.
SKIN MOISTURIZER - Use for rough skin on knees and elbows. Use for dry, scaly, or flaky skin. You may use for chapped lip
SPECIAL BATHING TIP - Leave soapy water in bathtub after bathing. Use 1 or 2 eight ounce cups in toilets to clean commodes and pipes. Soap is a natural degreaser and declogger. Also use soapy water to wash windows, no streaking on furniture or counter tops.

UNDERARM DEODORANT - Spray Miracle II Neutralizer on Deodorant Stone and apply under the arms.

Any claims, either expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of Miracle II products are based on customer's personal experiences, and not on any objective scientific studies or results. Individual results may vary. Please read all product labels and directions.

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