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Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid

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  • Model: MII 1003
  • Manufactured by: Miracle II (formerly Tedco)

This alkalinize liquid helps to neutralize stored acid wastes. Add to your drinking water to help balance your body's pH! Available in 22oz or Gallon size.. It may give you more energy and may help balance your body's pH levels for people with acid pH. May Help clean impurities from your stomach, and may help with stomach acid. It's a mild sudless soapy liquid that acts like an internal detergent! May help improve your well being and over all general appearance on the outside and inside. Also comes in dry pack form, makes one gallon of neutralizer liquid when mixed with one gallon of spring, distilled, or reversed osmosis water (preferably not tap water). Usage Guide

Formulated with: energized stabilized oxygenated water - ash of Dedecyl solution - calcium - potassium - magnesium.

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